Toronto’s brutal winter, long lockdown, and the lack of vaccines are wearing away the resolve of Torontonians to take care of one another

It is -12C (10.4F) in Toronto today but people in this city are feeling hot under the collars of their puffies. We have been in unremitting lockdown since November 23, our paltry vaccine supplies were exhausted weeks ago and the promised shipments are still days if not weeks away. …

A hospital sign reading “Stay At Home”

When the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic reached Ontario in late March, 2020, Ron Howard was told that his volunteer gig, driving cancer patients for treatment, was being temporarily suspended. But Ron didn’t stop driving.

Because chemotherapy suppresses the body’s immune response, cancer patients were thought to be particularly vulnerable to COVID-19. The Canadian Cancer Society decided that the risk to a cancer patient of riding in a van driven by a volunteer, was simply too high. This decision was not surprising. …

Alexandra Raphael

.........former finance lawyer, current board member of Centennial College in Toronto, living in the annex district with my partner and my dog, Moses

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